The world of education is full of initiatives and training programs, certain ones also of valuable content, but usually packed and overly theoretical modules and reduced practical modules mostly to classroom exercises, or just little beyond.

Over the many years of activity, as learners first and then as consultants and trainers, we were able to "see with our own eyes" that we believe to be a major shortage of the training system and we were able to see, ambitious and hopeful young people, or professionals eager to improve, remain partially (if not totally disappointed) by many so-called "specialization courses" or "master" in various fields.


And most of the business sectors is not exempt from this shortage, offering an obstructed panorama of more or less interesting courses or expensive masters, but always limited to the projection of slides and distribution of educational material, often not relevant or likely to be found at very low cost or even free on the web.

That's why we at "The Biz Role Play Academy" (Strazzeri Group brand) decided to go further ... beyond training!!!

We no longer want to offer you the usual boring and unproductive classroom lessons, or sell you books or facsimiles of documents.

We want to “work in team” with you, having fun, actually we want to “play seriously”, if you consent us the pun.

Using a sports metaphor, not only «we will give you the Ferrari»… we will teach you also to “ride it on the road” (and not at the simulator) and you will also receive a “driving license".

What is the Biz Role-Play

The Biz Role-Play (BRP) is what we offer you: a unique type of activity that requires from the participants to carry out, for a limited period of time, the role of “actors”, that is to represent some roles in the interaction between them, while other participants act as “observers” of the content and processes that the representation manifests. Practically it is a representation, but not improvised and almost theatrical of one scene, as it happens in the normal role-play but, in our case, absolutely truthful and actually conducted in the company, applied to a real sector of the business (from which the prefix "Biz"). 


A “business reality” is being chosen and it’s been given the opportunity to the participants to build, together with the tutors, a real business project (our first project, for example, has been the realization of a certifiable Health & Safety Management System according to the international standard BS OHSAS 18001, but we can organize a BRP about a real Anti-Bribery Management System (ABMS) according to the international standard ISO 37001 and many others, even at the direct request of companies and government bodies.


Working Team

When the Working Team has been composed, represented by the participants and tutors, coordinated by the Director, the BRP aims to make participants competent and aware of their own attitudes, shows the feelings and underlying experiences to the created situation and refers to the subjective dimension, to the modality to how to present itself in the relationship and communication with the client company.

The characteristics of this method provide multiple incentives to the learning through the imitation and action, through the observation of the behavior of others and the comments received on their own, through the analysis of the entire process, always with the assistance of the tutors.

In the end, the participants will go back home with the practical and real experience (attention, not simply realistic, because it is based on a true business reality) of the creation of a business project and with an acquired real know-how, not only in its content, but also in the operational tools, the knowledge and expertise necessary for its use.



Active Projects

The Anti-Bribery Biz Role-Play is the next important project that we launched.


After the “business reality” is being chosen, it will be given the opportunity to the participants to build, together with the tutors, a real Anti-Bribery Management System (ABMS) according to the main international guidelines (UNODC, ICC, UK Bribery Act, FCPA) and to new international standard ISO 37001.


In the end, in addition to the practical and real creation of a business project called Anti-Bribery Management System (ABMS), the participants will receive also the qualification certificate valid for the purposes of certification of «Anti-Bribery Expert», «Anti-Bribery Auditor», «Anti-Bribery Monitoring Body», «Anti-Bribery Operator» (depending by personal professional skill of each of them) by a certification body that operates  according to ISO 17024.


For more detailed information, we will activate a dedicated page for each edition.



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